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eDSC_0166My name is Tom Bilcze and I love to blog. I have been blogging about my life since 2006. I am a story teller. Blogging allows me to tell my stories to people around the world. It is the perfect marriage of the art of writing and the wonders of technology that allow me to interact with readers in new , innovative and enticing ways.

This blog originally chronicled my best friend Chuck and my journey across the Great Allegheny Passage and Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Trail in the summer of 2011. I am giving it new life as it chronicles the same journey with seven of my best cycling buddies. The journey may travel the same miles, but the story is retold with new experiences and discoveries.

The love of cycling from my youth was rekindled in 2009 after I lost considerable weight through bariatric surgery. This love affair grew through the past five years. I co-founded a cycling club, Spin-Off Cyclists, and grew my circle of cycling buddies. I fell in love with our country’s Rail to Trails, particularly the Great Allegheny Passage. I know I was meant to be a bicycle tourist. It fits my personality, fulfills of need for adventure and challenge, and makes my life happy and complete.

I am a techie guy outside of my cycling. My Dangling Relationships blog is my little corner of the internet where I talk about data modeling and database technology MyBariatric blog is my personal platform for living a happy healthy life by embracing a balanced diet, getting plenty of fitness,having awareness of your personal health and managing your overall wellness. Together, these blogs give you an idea of who I am and how I live my life.

I am an avid social networker. You can connect with me through the icons on the top right corner of my blog pages. I hope that you enjoy this view of my life in the saddle as I pedal the miles away.

Tom Bilcze

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