One tough mudder

Sunday was a repeat on Saturday’s bright and sunny morning. Our fun weekend in D.C. came to an end as we loaded the bikes and SAG wagon to head west. Our destination for the day was Harper’s Ferry, WV. The still flooding Potomac forced me to change the day’s destination with the cancellation of our Lockhouse 28 reservation.

National Park Service warnings and closures were still in effect as we pedaled down the Capitol Crescent Trail to the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Towpath Trail at Fletcher’s Landing. I was uncertain of what we would encounter on the day’s ride. We were prepared for detours and the damages of flooding.


It was the perfect morning for cycling. The miles went by quickly. We stopped briefly to check out Lockhouse 6 which was our cancelled D.C. accommodations. It was being cleaned for the evening. The attendant let me walk around inside. It was a very nice place. I definitely will be returning in the future.

The trail was surprisingly crowded. A self supported cycling tour group of 15 was heading west with us. Many locals were on the trail checking out the flooding. Arriving at Great Falls, we were greeted by a large barricade across the trail. Bikes and cycles were forced to use the stairs along the closure. This was quite a challenge for the self-supported cyclists; some with BOBs and panniers loaded to the max.

Great Falls was a zoo. The next two miles were congested with flood gawkers out to see the flood of their time. We slowly made out way to the Great Falls Tavern stopping to take photos ourselves. Tom had the SAG truck in the parking lot. We enjoyed our picnic lunch along the canal.

In about 10 miles were greeted with our first taste of mud. Mud would be the theme of the afternoon. 10 miles of heavy mud bogged us down at about 30 miles out. Three of our cyclists were forced onto our SAG wagon at White’s Ferry. Another soon joined them with a broken derailleur.


The remaining  four trudged on through the remaining 25 miles of sloppy sticky mud and  downed trees. After a very long and very tiring day, we pedaled into Harper’s Ferry as the sun set. It was a welcomed sight. Our SAG hauled the 4 amigos up the hill to the Econolodge. Hot showers and pizza was never more welcomed as it was last night. It was an epic ride.

We are off to explore Harper’s Ferry this morning and get our damaged derailleur fixed before heading off to Williamsport. It is a short day of cycling with only 40 miles to cover. Hopefully the sunny days have dried out any muddy areas on the trail.

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