A Capitol day indeed

The sun shone brightly as we headed into Washington DC on the Capitol Crescent Trail this morning. I have cycled this trail a few times and find it to be one pretty busy trail. It is what I envision living in the big city to be. Commuters, tourists, runners, and walkers share this green oasis in the midst of the city.

The ride was fast and downhill at about a 2% grade until we reached the shores of the Potomac. We stopped at Fletcher’s Boathouse to view the flooding Potomac. It was fast and wide overflowing the banks. We watched trees and debris of all sizes float downstream.


It was especially nice cycling through Georgetown along the canal. History has been well preserved with renovations and new architecture respecting the past. I had the most amazing burger, the Prez Obama, at Good Stuff Eatery. Everyone in our party agreed it was one delicious place.


We cycled to the C&O Canal milepost 0 for our ceremonial start of the tour photo. This place is well hidden but worth the time. Cycling past the Watergate and Kennedy Center, we entered the Mall at the Lincoln Memorial. It was an enjoyable afternoon walking along the reflecting pool and monuments.

I finalized our accommodations for tomorrow. The closure of the lockhouse had put us in a bind. I opted to reserve hotel rooms in Harper’s Ferry. Our stretch goal tomorrow is to make it to Harper’s Ferry, about 60 miles. Since there is a lot of unknowns with the recent flooding, it is hard to say what we will find. Luckily, Tom is following us in the SAG truck and may need to rescue us if our luck does not hold out.

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  1. Sounds like it will be even more of an adventure and make even more lasting memories. Adding that element of the unknown adds to the exploration part of the trip. No matter the flooding or not it adds a whole new element of unplanned discovery. It will be fun regardless of what you find.

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