The plan for the week

Cycling 335 miles seems like a daunting challenge. When broken down over a week it is not so bad. An average distance of 45-50 miles a day allows plenty of time to stop along the way at historic and scenic spots. The ride is definitely at a social pace. This week is more about the people and places than it is about the miles that pass under our tires.


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This ride is a credit card bike tour. Here’s a brief description for those unfamiliar with that term. Credit card touring has the cyclists spending the nights in hotels and bed and breakfasts while purchasing food along the way. A driver shadows the cyclists carrying supplies in the SAG vehicle. This frees cyclists from the excess weight of supplies on their bikes. It eliminates the work of a self-supported tour where camp is setup and torn down every day and meals prepared tent side.

My last trip across the GAP and C&O was a combination of credit card and self-supported. I enjoyed the nights in the campground, as well as, the luxury of a comfy bed some nights. Both methods are doable. The credit card route seemed the most doable and enjoyable with this larger group of cyclists.

Day of Week Miles Today Total Miles Start Location End Location
Saturday 5 5 Bethesda Washington D.C.
Sunday 45 50 Bethesda Point of Rocks
Monday 50 100 Point of Rocks Williamsport
Tuesday 41 141 Williamsport Little Orleans
Wednesday 43 184 Little Orleans Cumberland
Thursday 62 246 Cumberland Confluence
Friday 52 298 Confluence West Newton
Saturday 36 334 West Newton Pittsburgh


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