Crossing Mountains Again

Three years have passed since my pal Chuck and I cycled from Pittsburgh to Washington D.C. It was one of the most memorable times of my life. Prior to 2011, I could never imagine myself on an eight day self-supported bicycle tour. Three years later, I find these tours to be the highlight of my year. I make it a point to take at least one 5-7 day bicycle tour a year.

This blog chronicled Chuck and my 2011 adventure across the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) and Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Trail. Over the past weeks, I found myself revisiting those days as I read the older posts and reminiscence about the good times we shared. I kept the blog and domain active over the years knowing that someday I would find a use for it.

I have revisited the GAP numerous times since my first journey. My bicycle club holds an annual weekend retreat in the Confluence and Ohiopyle areas. On those weekends, my cycling buddies shared their dream of making the 335 mile journey someday. It is a dream I promised myself that I would make a reality for them in the future.

8840023539_1803143d99_zI was looking for an adventure to celebrate my 60th birthday. It didn’t take me long to realize that retracing the 2011 route with a group of friends would be my 2014 tour. Six of my cycling friends accepted my invitation to accompany my husband Brett and me on our bikes for a week. It is actually quite an awesome group of friends.

Over six months of planning is turning into reality tomorrow, May 16. Our group departs for Washington D.C. where we will reverse the path of my 2011 tour. After spending a day cycling the sights in our nation’s capital, we set out on Sunday morning for Pittsburgh.

I find myself in a different place in my life on this tour. Three years ago I obsessed and over-planned. It was going to be a week of unknowns. I had to conquer my fear of being able to complete the tour. It was far more miles than I had ever cycled.

Today, I am pretty confident and casual about the tour. I am more concerned about being the planner and guide for the week. I am completely confident the eight of us have the skills we need to cycle into Pittsburgh next Saturday morning. . I am very excited to get on the bike and enjoy a week of relaxation and freedom.

I am anxious to blog and capture the excitement of the ride in photos and videos. I find myself with new technology and devices to experiment with along the tour. Those of you who know me know that I love technology. This combines well with my love of photography on this ride through a very scenic and historic region of this country.

I hope that you follow us this coming week. My plan is to upload a daily video morning report as I did in 2011. This year I plan on posting more videos throughout the tour. Stop back and check on our progress through the week.

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