Review of my iPhone blogging tools while on my first bicycle tour

I am a pretty active social networker and have been blogging for over five years. In my pre-tour post, Tech Update from the Tour: Prepping the iPhone for touring, I promised to give my readers an update on the blogging platform I assembled for my first tour. We covered about 325 miles over the eight day journey across the Great Allegheny Passage and Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Trails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Washington, D.C. I was pretty happy with the setup. Here are the details.

My iPhone 4g was the base of my blogging platform. It held up very well. The only complaint I had was that the battery life could have been longer. I usually found myself attaching my backup battery charger late in the day. I highly recommend these cheap chargers that I ordered from They cost about $5.00 and could charge the iPhone up to  two times. Search for “Stitchway UltraPower 1900 mAh Backup Battery Charger for iPhone”. I carried two of these chargers that only weighed 2 ounces each. You should also buy a few extra iPhone wall aC and USB cables for $5.00 each that you can plug in and recharge the backups at power outlets you find along the tour.

BlogPress turned out to be an excellent piece of blogging software. I was able to configure it to attach to my WordPress, YouTube and Flickr accounts. It could also update Facebook and Twitter when you publish a post. What made this software such a good choice was the ability to attach multiple videos and photos to a post. WordPress for the iPhone can only attach a single video or photo per post. This software was flawless. It has a very nice interface and performed exactly as promised. I cannot more highly recommend a piece of software than I can this app.

MultiCorder was my video recorder of choice. It is far superior to the default iPhone Camera app when recording videos. It can flip between the front and rear camera while recording. It has guidelines and many options including zoom. If you plan on posting videos, look no farther than this app.

Camera+ replaced the default iPhone Camera app as my still camera of choice. It is full featured and includes Photoshop-like editing tools that allow you to correct lighting, crop, add effects and borders. Again, the guidelines were useful when framing a subject.

The above tools worked together seamlessly in creating posts which I posted on this blog. One thing you need to be aware of is that as you add videos and photos to a post, you dramatically increase the upload requirements of the post. I seldom had a problem getting a strong enough signal strength on my Verizon 3G network. If the post is large, the best solution is to find a WI-FI hotspot and upload the post. Only in the far eastern mountains of Pennsylvania did I lack sufficient reception. The 3G network worked fine for posts from any of the small towns along the trail. WI-FI hotspots were spotty along this trail but were appreciated when available.

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