The Journey ends and begins

As we prepare to load our bikes onto the car rack and begin our journey home to Ohio, I have a few minutes to reflect on the past 8 days. It seems odd that we will cover the distance in six hours that it took us seven days to cover on our bikes. This week has given me a new perspective on traveling. It’s not about how fast we can cover a distance. It’s more about the journey and the experiences along the way.
Today we return with bodies a little battered with scratches, nicks, bruises and scruffy faces. The same can be said of our bikes. They show the badges of the miles; dusty, dirty, kicked and scratched with annoying noises. I know I am in a different place than I was last Saturday morning in Pittsburgh. There are experiences that I will remember for the rest of my life.
We were novice bicycle tourists. We did some things right and did some things wrong. We learned along the trail and grew from that ever evolving knowledge. We fell short of reaching Annapolis but reached Washington D.C., the destination for most folks on our tour route. I know I can also speak for Chuck in saying this was a monumental achievement for both of us.
In the coming months, I plan on writing posts related to my experiences. They will all be from the novice’s perspective on bicycle touring. There were many tails on the trails. I have been keeping a list of post topics on my iPhone along the way. I think you will see stories of the people, places, technologies, challenges, touring dynamics and other topics. I hope that you continue to follow us on this blog.
Happy Trails!

Loaded up and heading home!

The mirror tells the story.
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  1. Tom & Chuck,

    I finally had a chance to check into your blog more thoroughly. I love it! I looks like you guys had a great time!

    I thought about you guys as pedaled through the Akron area. I’m glad I ran into you on the trail.

    Take Care!

    Ron aka Mr. O

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