Sunday Morning Report: A Capitol Day

Saturday was a casual day for us to celebrate the end of our tour. We rode the Capitol Crescent Trail from Bethesda into Georgetown. Chuck had found directions to milepost 0 of the C&O Canal Trail. We rode right to it. Interesting enough, we were maybe 200 feet from it in the end of ride photo we took on Friday night. It is hidden behind a boat house in the weeds on a small island.

We rode into D.C. and The Mall. It was a busy spot being Independence Weekend. We visited the typical tourist spots including the memorials and the White House. The most significant events of the day were flat tires. Chuck’s bike had two flats. That actually gave us an excuse to enjoy the shade in the hot 90s weather. I found myself cycling back to Georgetown to pick up some tubes for his tires and we were on our way.

It was definitively a different type of day than we have experienced over the last eight days. We were so accustomed to a more solitary life. That was definitely not the case yesterday. Life in Georgetown, Bethesda and Washington D.C. are a far cry from life in Meyersdale, Williamsport and Point of Rocks.

C&O Milepost 0

Tom at Milepost 0

Washington Monument

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