Saturday Morning Report from the trail’s end

Good morning from Washington D.C. Yesterday was a long cycling day for us. We cycled about 52 miles under a variety of trail conditions. After leaving Lock house 28 at Point of Rocks, we passed through an area of decent trail conditions.

We encountered poor trail conditions with standing water, mud and debris on the trail just east of White’s Ferry. It definitely slowed us down. It was a lonely stretch of trail with few people until we approached Great Falls. The trail conditions became pretty nice as we entered the metropolitan D.C. area. Some of the memorable sights for the day included the Monocracy Aqueduct, White’s Ferry, and the Great Falls Tavern.

We wanted to end the ride symbolically at C&O Milepost 0. Brett was waiting in Georgetown and was unable to find it. We cycled into a very busy Friday afternoon crowd on the waterfront. We soon realized that we needed to find Brett. We cycled to the parking lot adjacent to the Watergate complex where we met him. It was a less emotional end of the journey than I had thought it would be.

Today we will be cycling into Georgetown and The Mall. We plan on looking for milepost 0 and getting that symbolic photo. I hope that you enjoy today’s video and photos.

Monocracy Aqueduct

White’s Ferry

Great Falls

Watergate parking lot in D.C.

YouTube Video

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