Say “Hey!” to the Dude

OK, I have had an awful lot of time to do some thinking this week. Let’s see… Has it been about one of my current database designs I am working on? (Gosh, what the h*ll am I working on?) Is it about how many calories a day I am eating and counting those Weight Watcher Points? (Not hardly, since the trip computer says I burn around 6,000 – 8,000 calories a day.) Is it about keeping the weeds in the flower beds under control at home? (Not hardly, my gardener Brett is taking care of that.)

Today, Chuck and I met Mr. O, an amazing cyclist who friend-ed us in Meyersdale. He is currently in the midst of cycling 2,300 miles from Richmond, Virginia to Milwaukee, Wisconsin roundtrip. I added the link to his blog in our Bloggers blogroll. Anyway, he had named his bike, Blue Velvet. I felt like an irresponsible parent since my bike has no name. I decided I needed to change that. From this point I christened my Kona Dew Plus, THE DUDE. I think that it is a fitting name since Kona is Hawaiian and dude just fits into that scene.

Tom with the Dude

When I talk about Chuck, the Dude, and I, we haven’t picked up another cyclist. It’s just that my bike now has a name. Now, I have the rest of the week to get Chuck to name his bike. I don’t know if he will like that idea, but I have plenty of time to convince him otherwise.

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