Day three was a good day.


Day three went real good. We lightened the loads and mailed things home. I got rid of about 22 pounds. . Ialso readjusted my load and got a lot more weight in the back paniers. Was aa lot more hills today. It is amazing riding on the old rail beds they just go uphill at a steady pace. They never dip or go down basiclly today was another 32 mile hill. We climbed over 800 feet today. Todays hills were probably a bit steeper than yesterday. Two days we have travelled up a 65 mile hill. We have 11 miles to get to the continental divide then it will be down hill into Cumberland Maryland. Since leaving Pittsburgh we have climbed a total of about 1400 feet. Today was a good day. I felt strong and refreshed. Tomorrow morning Tom and I are being interviewed from the road by WAKR radio out of Akron Ohio about our trip. Will post new update tomorrow. For now time to rest and prepare the body and mind for another day and new heights.


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  1. I’m so proud of you both! What a test of endurance you have overcome! Be safe on the downhills-slower is better. I know you will both have fun with the decent! You’ve earned it! Thanks for the inspiration-I needed it just now. I hope I can hear the interview tomorrow, but, regardless, know that I am thinking of you and cheering you on!

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