Day 3 on the Great Allegany Passage

It is the start of day three on the trail. We had planned to get about 45 miles yesterday but had to pull up at 31. As our website suggests crossing mountains is exactly what yesterday was all about. With the 80 or so pounds on our bikes each yesterday tested not only my physical stamina but my mental resolve to complete this passage and be one of the countless other to travel the passage. The 30 or so miles yesterday were literally uphill the entire way.

It is a 2 or 3 percent grade following the old railroad bed. We are along a river the whole way so we have also stood true to the other half of the site name chasing rivers. Part of the mental fatige brought on for me was aside from going uphill for thirty miles we rode at one point for about twenty miles literally a tunnel of green with trees covering the path. At a few points where the path straighted out all you could see ahead and to the sides was green and the gravel covered pathway and more hill. We did get some glimpses of the river now and then and there were a few overlooks with beautiful views of the river valley below. One other highlight was the various train trestles we have crossed over some of the valleys. They have provided a spectacular views.

We pulled into Confuence PA and decided we had enough and got a couple rooms at a Bed and Breakfast. Aside from be tough day yesterday today is going to be even tougher. This part of the trail is steeper more hills and 35 miles to tonights destination. From the beating our legs took yesterday we decided to treat ourselves to a nice place to stay plus it rained a bit yesterday and was some last night. We also wanted to be able to visit the Post Office this morning when they open and mail back some of our heavier and redunant items. This should drop my weight about 20 pounds or so I believe.

So after yesterday and getting a good night rest and a delicious Sea Bass dinner I feel refreshed and ready to go today. Towards the end of todays ride we should be in for a treat as we will cross one of the widest valleys and a tressle of roughly 2000 feet long or a bit over a third of a mile.

Today we will be close to the top but not quite there yet. Early into day 4 we will cross the Continental divide and the hardest part of our journey will be over.


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