Heading out

After a lot of preparation and training we are finally in the car on the way to Pittsburgh. In about 2 hours we should have our bikes loaded and be shoving off on our journey. Both Tom and I went through over and over what we need. For every item we eliminated to save weight we added something it seems. We are both carrying around 75 pounds or so. Probably have more than we need but for ten days worth of supplies we need a lot. This is my first update from the road so giving the 3G a test. It should be a very tough and challeging first day out. I did not get to bed till midnight and got up at 3:30. I have carbed up and proteined myself to build up the energy stores that I will be pulling from later. I also have GU and other snacks to munch on and lots of water. I will update later with the days progress. Wish us luck and Gods Speed.

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