Hard day but we made camp

Was a good day saw a lot of beautiful land and interesting things coming out of Pittsburgh. Took roughly 9 hours to get through ,first 48 miles. I as well as Tom are exhausted last few miles were the to toughest. Going to bed. More tomorrow.


  1. Hi Tom,

    Hope day 2 went well for you. You are really weighted down with 75 pounds of gear.

    I carried 24 pounds in rear panniers on my GOBA trip. It was like riding with drag chutes deployed. I traveled 350 miles in 7 days and it was so much fun.

    Best wishes on your journey.

    Mike B.

  2. Just found the link to your site in my morning emails. Thanks for the interesting read! Now I’ll have to get back to fixing ancient software. Greetings from Prague and good luck on your journey.

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