Finals thoughts before we leave

We are less than 24 hours from the beginning our journey.  I though that I would take a few minutes to express some of my thoughts about the trip.

For a lot of years have thought about a  trip such as this. One of my close friends when I lived in North Carolina is an avid cyclist and runner. I was always inpressed with his acheivements and how easy he made things look. Now that I have run two marathon  and completed a Dualthon this spring I understand that what Roger did and how he made it all look easy. It was though hard training.

Though I have acheived a lot in the last few years I look at this trip as one of my toughest challenges yet. We will be cycling many miles day after day with no real rest days planned. I think this aspect of the trip is the most challenging. It is one thing to cycle a long distance for a day or two but to get up and do it 9 or 10 consective days and carrying all of our equipment at the same time will certainly push our bodies and minds to new extremes. Being an adrenalin junky as I am I also find this part of the journy the most sastisfying.  I like to test myself and my perserverance, I enjoy trying new and exciting things. I find comfort in going out of my comfort zone because it tells me more about myself than I could ever understand or learn if I was always in my comfort zone.

I would day that being 24 hours before the trips starts I am Nervous, excited, filled with anticipation and many more thingsd. I beleive we have planned for the different stagges of the trip.


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