Our itinerary over the Alleghenies to the Chesapeake

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The above elevation chart tells the story. Our first day into Connellsville will be a relatively routine ride. In the following two days we will need to climb about 1,500 feet over 70 miles before we plunge 1,800 feet in 22 miles. From Cumberland to Washington D.C., we’ll be relatively flat dropping 600 feet over 180 miles.

I am somewhat concerned about the climb, but at the same time I know that I have gained 200-300 feet over 10-15 miles on some of my routine rides. The concern is that the climb will be pretty much consistent for two days. Add to that, I’ll be carrying an extra 40+ pounds in the panniers. I look at it this way, it’s two days out of 9 days, it’s early in the trip, and it’s downhill after the climb. That 1,500 foot drop from Frostburg into Cumberland will be welcomed and so enjoyable.

Several people have asked about our tentative itinerary. Here it is. Chuck and I look at this as the perfect ride. We know we may have to adjust it to fit the realities of the tour. Rain, sore bodies, equipment failures and the unpredictability of things we encounter along the way will cause us to re-plan. Our attitude is to make sure the ride is fun since it is our vacation and adjust whenever possible to make the remaining days of the vacation enjoyable.

Tom and Chuck’s Tentative Itinerary

Day Start End Miles
Saturday Pittsburgh Connellsville 50
Sunday Connellsville Rockwood 47
Monday Rockwood Cumberland 44
Tuesday Cumberland Hancock 60
Wednesday Hancock Antietam 50
Thursday Antietam Point of Rocks 27
Friday Point of Rocks Bethesda 48
Saturday Bethesda D.C. Sightseeing 25
Sunday Bethesda Annapolis 45
Total   396

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