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I am a techie guy and have been dabbling in social media for several years. It is only natural that I blog about our journey. It became pretty obvious early on that I was going to do this from my iPhone. During the tour I will be posting some tech updates from the trail where I’ll talk about how well my apps and the iPhone are working out for social networking. As I prepare to leave, I thought I would discuss the iPhone and apps that I will use.

I have moved the apps I will use daily to my primary iPhone display. I plan on setting my Wi-Fi to off and all of my notifications to off to conserve battery life. Battery life is my primary concern at this point. I will carry three 1900 mAh backup battery chargers that I got for $7 each on I’ve tested them and have gotten a full recharge of the phone in about 30 minutes. This is a nice cheap lightweight (2 ounces each) solution. I am carrying 2 power cords to plug in the iPhone and chargers whenever I get a chance on the trail.

Here’s a summary of the apps:

  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Messages still occupy my first app line. They are my everyday social networking tools.
  • Phone, Mail, Safari and iPod are my daily lifeblood apps that remain on the bottom app line.
  • Contacts and Google Calendar are two of my must-have apps to have handy.
  • The Weather Channel app is my favorite weather forecasting tool. I find it the easiest and most accurate one out there. I have added Pittsburgh, Connellsville, Rockwood, Cumberland, Hancock, Hagerstown, Harper’s Ferry, Washington D.C. and Annapolis to the locations. This allows me to quickly review the future weather conditions.
  • Track My Tour is my journaling software of choice. I’ll be adding waypoints along our journey with photos and highlights of significant points and attractions along the tour. I have also configured a RSS feeds on Twitterfeed that feed the tour updates to my Twitter and Facebook accounts which also appear on my blogs.
  • Blog Press is my blogging platform. It will publish to my WordPress blog. It is superior to the WordPress app in that it supports posting multiple photos and videos. I have it configured to publish photos to my Flickr photo stream and videos to my YouTube account.
  • Multicorder is a nice camcorder app that replaces the standard iPhone camera app. The main feature I like with this app is that it can switch from front to back camera during recording and it wraps it in a nice transition. It has several other nice features.
  • Photos and Camera are the standard iPhone apps that I’ll still use to take and review photos for blog posts and social networking.
  • Twitpict is the app that allows me to share photos and videos on Twitter. I have it configured to access my Beariatric Twitter account.
  • YouTube is the iPhone App that accesses my YouTube account.
  • Cyclemeter is my app that I use daily to track my rides. It uses GPS to build a map of the ride. It has so many features that show speed, time, and distance. I think it is the best app of its type out there. I am uncertain if I will use this app on the tour. It constantly accesses GPS to build the map and sucks the life out of the battery. I am testing it on the first day of the tour to determine if I will use it the remainder of the tour.
  • Settings are on my primary display to enable me to turn on Wi-Fi and notifications when I am at a hotspot or need to work with my social networks. This standard position allows me to quickly connect to a network when needed.

Well, that sums up the pre-tour iPhone configuration. Watch for updates on how well these apps are performing during the tour. This will be my first large scale test of these apps. I invested some time and effort in reviewing and selecting apps. I believe these apps will meet my needs and tell the story that I want to tell to my social network.

  1. I downloaded and tested the Camera+ app this afternoon. It is amazing. They have a $.99 special going on now. I recommend that you download it. It is such a better camera than the default iPhone app. It can zoom, crop, edit and enhance photos with ease. I love it. Go there today and replace the basic Camera app with this one. Thanks to the folks at Traveling Two for this recommendation,

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