Cycle Clinic

Tom emailed me about a cycling clinic where the main topic is touring. This falls right in line with one of the main reasons I got back into biking aside from the benefits of getting out.  Also since we have this trip in the planning stages I thought it will be good to go and get some extra information from folks that have been into touring for some time.  Unfortunately Tom will be in New York when the clinic is so he won’t be able to attend.

I wrote to the organizer of the clinic and asked if their may be any spots left as it is being limited to 35 places.  I also explained how a friend and myself were in the planning stages of doing a tour along the C&O Canal Way and the GAP and going from Pittsburgh to Washington DC and hopefully beyond. 

The organizer wrote back and told me that one of the speakers actually as well as himself have done the same tour only starting from DC and heading west instead of east. He also gave me a coveted spot in the clinic witch I am certainly grateful. It is pretty awesome I will get to meet and speak to a couple folks that have recently done this trip as well. I can’t think of a better clinic to have been able to attend. Looking forward to April 30th.  


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  1. Chuck, I look forward to what you learn and hear at the clinic. I bet you will meet other folks who are into touring. It is an excellent opportunity.

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