Tom’s St. Pat’s Day Towpath Ride

It was the first decent day of the year. I decided to take the Dew Plus out for a spin on the Towpath. I started at Mustill Store and cycled north to Portage Path. The surface was in decent shape. I had to turn back just before Portage Path. The trail was blocked with the surface washed out some. I figured 8 miles was enough for the night.

I also used the ride as a test run on using my iPhone to journal the ride. I’ve been readying this blog for posting from the iPhone. Check out the test video below. It actually has a pretty good video camera in it. I need to film the next test in landscape mode. I need to also work on getting the automatic posting to the blog to work. Not bad for a first attempt.


  1. Should have called. I would have gone with you. I was trying to figure out what to do and came close to going to the Mustil store. Ended up just running around the neighborhood for 4 miles instead. Did pull the bikes out and did some maintenance on them and added my new mirror and bell.

  2. Chuck, It was a spur of the moment thing but I should have called. I am trying to figure out how we can get video into our blog. I found a contact form that let me specify different recipients. I think I found a good events one too. I will fool with it tomorrow night.

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